Sherry Roberts





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​I am running to be your Township Trustee in Danbury. I live full time in a West Harbor development across from East Harbor State Park and this allows me to enjoy wildlife, majestic sunsets and nature's ever-changing waterscape every day. 

As the Realtor of Lake Erie Boutique Realty I have a first-hand view of how our neighborhoods are changing. We need to grow but with careful management.  In addition to serving on the Danbury Township Board of Zoning Appeals, I also volunteer on the Danbury Land Use Plan Steering Committee. These appointments enable me to interact with other residents who want to improve their homes and develop businesses.

Tourism is one of our main industries and our growth also needs to include the amenities that tourists expect without negatively impacting resident's quality of life.

I believe that we need to offer our youth jobs and opportunities that will encourage them to stay.  In August I opened R Coffee Corner, a coffee shop that not only created jobs but offers an informal place for folks to gather. Five years ago we moved the corporate offices of Psychological Transitions, a state wide behavioral health practice, to this area and with the help of our great employees, who live in Danbury Township, we are thriving.

This is a great and diverse community rich with all that Lake Erie and our traditions offer.  Lake Erie with its harbors and Marshlands are treasures we must preserve.  We need to fight for the laws and policies that preserve our natural resources.

At the same time, we need to protect our family-centered values to ensure strength and stability.  Many of our residents who contributed to growing our  community are now senior citizens and we need to focus on improving services for them. We  all

share the hope that someday we will be able to age in our homes and Danbury Township can play a greater role in that goal.

We need to protect our citizens with pro-active anti-drug initiatives and keep our streets and parks safe and well-maintained.

While we appreciate the contribution that tourists make to our community we must thoughtfully address traffic safety especially at dangerous intersections such as Englebeck Road and State Route 163.

I believe my strong business experience, extensive civic and volunteer work and love of this area uniquely qualify me to be your Trustee. I will bring fresh ideas and solid experience to Preserve, Grow and Protect Danbury Township. Danbury Township has dealt well with this challenge and I respectfully ask for your vote to continue the success TOGETHER

                                                    I AM ASKING FOR YOUR VOTE ON ELECTION DAY.